#zerosugarchallenge -follow up

I am gonna come back with a follow up in exactly 1 month, as I will have more time to experience and try recipes and restaurants, also track what exactly I am eating and see what it works and what doesn’t.”

Aaaand here I am, 1 month after I finished the 10 days without sugar, like a sinner in confession, because I couldn’t really hold on to it. Or at least I didn’t as much as I would have liked to…

I ate sweets almost every day and I am not very proud of it. You know, a holiday in Rome can bring a lot of gelato to the table, as well as pizza and chocolates, but this shouldn’t be an excuse.

On the other hand, the experience made me want to be aware of the amount of sugar every product I buy has, even if added or natural. Bacause it’s true, we need to avoid eating added sugars, but the natural ones are also damaging if you eat them in high quantities. This is why it is good to know that apart from the added sugars we should also pay attention to the natural sugars in the foods and drinks we are consuming.

I said I am gonna tell you about restaurant options that work with a zero sugar diet, but I didn’t really manage to go out so much. However, as I already work in a restaurant and I have acces to the dietary book, here’s a list with 10 products you can have in Nando’s with zero added sugars less than 5 grams of natural sugars per portion, but healthy at the same time:

1. Any Plain chicken pieces, on the bone or off the bone

2. Mixed Olives

3. Mixed Leaf Salad with Hummus/Portobello Mushroom/Grilled Halloumi/ Avocado topping

4. Plain Prego Steak Roll

5. Long Stem Broccoli

6. Grains and Greens Side

7. Halloumi Sticks (without the Chilli Jam)

8. Grains and Greens Salad

9. Garlic Bread

10. Creamy Mash

Now, I am planning to do a 30 days challenge soon, but I need to make sure I am ready and I am not going to cheat. I need to be in a safe place for being able to do it, with no holidays in the picture or any other distractions.

I know myself and I also know a 30 days challenge is going to be much harder than I can imagine and more than determination it will require a lot of time and discipline in my schedule, so I know that at this point I am not ready to take it. Maybe because it is easier to just grab a croissant on my way to work than actually cook breakfast, which will allow me to sleep a bit more. Maybe because the dairy milk foam is flueffier in cappuccinos and I am not ready to give up on it.

Yes, yes, yes, I am lazy, I don’t want to come out of my comfort zone just yet, but this doesn’t mean I am going to abuse my body with high quantities of sugar.I am still going to check the label and choose the best and healthiest option.

I will keep you updated here on the blog and also on instagram about when I am gonna be truly ready to take the challenge.

Until then, I am gonna read this book and try recipes from it, see how it goes and make notes.

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