What am I holding on to these days?

I will be very honest, this is not going anywhere good, and everyday is a challenge.

Yesterday I had a bit of a mental breakdown because of the fact that I was basically doing nothing at work all day.

I am a salesperson, my job is to sell the venue for private hires and events. The PM advised avoiding bars, pubs and restaurants with the current situation, and that is a very reasonable measure which I am supporting.

On the other hand, I am worried because no one knows exactly for how long this situation is going to last, and having to come to a job where you can’t do anything but wait is consuming.

No one wants to come over anymore, people are cancelling their bookings, we are losing a lot of money and I can just hope we are still going to be employed in the weeks coming. It is everyone’s worry and it is mine as well. I am not gonna lie and say I am chill. But I am trying to take it one step at a time.


If last night I was extremely disappointed and very close to burst in tears, this morning I came to work being happy. Yes, I cannot do anything, I cannot do my usual activities at work, however unlike so many people in my field that lost their jobs, I still have one.

And if you do have a job still, be extremely grateful for it. Be happy!

If you do your shopping, do them just as usual, stocks are being refilled often enough, and we have access to shops every day. We just need to be reasonable. And if you cannot find toilet paper, be grateful you have a shower and water running. Think of all people that don’t.

Keep calm, over reacting is not going to help. I am just curious where do people stock everything they buy these days. Because as desperate as I would be, I still have only one fridge, one freezer and one cupboard.


Now, answering the question in the title, I am cooking. I was cooking before, but now I am cooking more than usual. And my focus these days is finding as many ways as I can to cook with no sugar, no flour and no oil/butter. I posted a recipe for a dessert here, and I will post more in the following days.

I am still walking to the bus, taking just one instead of 2 on my way to work. I am seating as far as I can from other people, doing my shopping reasonably, 1-2 items at a time, just I did before. I got myself a waterfilter and I haven’t purchased a plastic water bottle in 3 weeks. I am reading the books I have on my list and listening to others.

Not much changed for now, I am not in self-isolation, but the fact that many people are influences me. Everyone around me is talking about it, we are being affected as a business, and it does affect me.

But for now I am just going to take it as it is, and I will continue with my usual activities for the days following.

I hope you do as well, and even if you are in self isolation, use this time as good as you can, if you are not working, take naps. Read whatever makes you happy, cook, excercise, play games and be grateful you have a roof on top of your head and a warm bed to sleep in. 🥰


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