Time for a change

Today is a very special day for me. A very good and a very bad day. But I am choosing not to talk about the bad, because I want to keep a good vibe in this book, even if 2 chapters closed at the same time. I was planning to film a vlog but I don’t know if I could have stopped my tears.

I was counting down to this day, the 26th of October, being happy about what is going to happen, and I am gonna keep it this way. It’s weird, while I am writing this I am smiling, and then I am crying all of a sudden. There is a paradox in my heart right now. But I am gonna tell why I am happy today. Because as many times I said, where there is bad there is good too.

Today is oficially the first day when I am not working for Nando’s anymore. I could have written this before and post it this morning, but the emotion wouldn’t have been the same. I love writing about emotions, through emotions. I like to feel what I am writing, and live through the words I put into my stories.

People might say it’s not a big deal, everyone changes jobs. But for some reason I get attached to everything I do and I give a 150% of my energy, which allows me to understand that when I start feeling like not giving the same energy anymore it’s time for a change.

If you know me you also know that I am in love with Nando’s, with it’s culture and everything that Nando’s means beyond the restaurants and the day to day business. It will be always a part of my heart. I learned so much and I grew so much thanks to the way this company invests in people. I had somewhere near to 0 experience when I became a Nandoca. I have only worked in a restaurant for 3 months before starting woking for Nando’s. On the 20th of February 2017 I had my first shift and the magic began. But as each chapter of a book has a beginning and an end, the life chapters do as well.

😅 I remember I was saying when I was in uni that I would like to be a waitress at least once in my life, to see how it is. Well, I was a waitress in one way or another for a bit over 3 years.

Why have I made this decision though? To leave a job where I was quite successful, that gave me the opportunity to grow and develop myself? Why did I start looking for another job?

This year was amazing when it comes to my development. This year I finally got the courage to speak up, to explore my creativity, my passion for talking and for writing. I got inspired by beautiful people and in February I started vlogging. It is true that I stopped after a few months because I realised I don’t have enough time to create quality content and edit as well, especially because I don’t really have the best editing skills 🙈. I didn’t wanna stop though, and after thinking it a thousand times, I started writing my stories on this blog in July.

The best lesson I learned from my grandfather is being positive. No matter what. And keep having faith that everything is going to be ok. And that’s why I choose to believe in myself and in my passion. I love creating, I always did, but I never had enough courage to go for it and to explore it. But now I do, and today more than ever, because I feel that I owe this to him.

I decided to change my job because I wanted routine. I was craving for a routine! I want my life to be organized. I am very messy by nature, chaotic at times I could say, and the shifts in a restaurant didn’t help me at all. Every day was different, didn’t have the same days off in a week. Working in a restaurant there will always be early shifts, late shifts, weekend shifts, you can work 2 days or 10 days between the days off. And I knew it the whole time, but it never bothered me until few months ago when I changed my CV and I started to look for a job that could offer me this Monday to Friday schedule, which will allow me to put some order in my life and focus more on my passion.

This will also allow me have a proper sleeping pattern and to eat my meals every day at the same time. I honestly believe the lifestyle I had until today was endangering my health. I am not saying it would be the same for everyone, but it certainly was for me.

I am super excided with my new job and I cannot wait to start this new chapter of my life. At the same time, I want to express my gratitude for all that Nando’s meant to me these almost 3 years and for all the opportunities it gave me, for supporting my growth and development. It was one of the most beautiful journeys of my life! I will miss all the courses, the good coffees, the satisfaction of seeing the customers happy, all the poeple I met and the time I spent with them. It has all been a part of who I am today.

Thank you!

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