My 2019

I am writing this on on my way home. I am in the train back from work and all I see is people dressed up nicely, heading to New Year Parties around London. 

I can only think of how this year have been, what I achieved and what I lost, but most important, what I learned from every single step of this past year of my journey through life. 

2019 has been a year of major changes in my life. I started in January with a haircut, I posted my first video on YouTube in February and also that’s when I was promoted to Assitant Manager in Nando’s. Might sound weird, but this was a great achievement for me, that girl that 2 years back started working there with near 0 hospitality experience. 

I kept posting videos on youtube for about 3 months and then I stoppped. I am not saying I’ll never post again, but I just realized it’s hardly going to work at this stage of my life. It is achievable, but this would mean to drain myself, because it’s not exactly easy to put ideas together, film them and then edit them, making sure you create something useful and relevant, after about 12 hours of working on a day-to-day job which has almost nothing to do with being creative.

In July I finally took the decision of getting myself a domain, where I can tell my stories in a less time consuming way. However, the best times for the blog have been my times off. Those few days in August and September when I didn’t do anything but be free of any concern or task and think of how to write about something that can be useful. 

I slowed down in October. I did because work was just not good anymore. I started being more and more aware of the unhealthy lifestyle I was having and realised this is not gonna take me anywhere good. I wanted to sleep more. I wanted to sleep at normal times. I wanted to have my weekends off, to rest and recover from a long week of work. And that’s why I changed my job. 

October wasn’t a good month. It wasn’t bad either. It was just weird. And I wish some parts of it would have never happened. Like that part where I lost my grandfather the day I was supposed to be happy about my new job. I couldn’t. That was the day I last posted on the blog. 

In case you’re wondering, I am still on my way home, waiting for the bus, with my hands freezing. 

It hurts. It hurts like hell he’s not around anymore. But life goes on and it will eventually end for all of us. 

Changing my job was probably one of the biggest challenges of this year. It first took me a lot of courage to make this change. Then, it took me a while to get used to it. I was used to be in control, to know everything, and suddenly I didn’t anymore. Sales is a completely new experience for me. And I am glad it came. I am happy I get to learn something different and develop myself doing something I knew nothing of before. 

And here I am, 2 months later, still sitting on a bench in the bus stop. Joking 🙈 I mean yeah, still waiting for the bus, now my feet are frozen as well….but here I am, after this year full of stories, new experiences and challenges, ready to say hello to 2020. I have huge plans for this new year. And I hope to find myself in 366 day from now happy, fulfilled, and proud of achieving them all.

And this is what I wish for you too. 

Happy New Year! 

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