Addicted to likes and hearts

This is the first episode of Digital Control, a season about how we can transform our addictive relationship with our mobile phone and its promises. The host of these series is Cristina Chipurici, content creator seeking for ways of doing things better.

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Digital Control by Cristina Chipurici via

When I read about it on New Year’s Eve, I already couldn’t wait for the first episode. I knew it was going to be a massive help, considering my addiction to my phone. My boyfriend used to call it “your second boyfriend”. I had a serious problem and I am still struggling with it. And I know the majority of us do, as our screens are the easiest and most comfortable way of filling in some of our needs.

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Having children these days is quite scary

The Featured Image has been downloaded from and is free for being used without copyrights. Being a mother is something that probably most women wish for. Many would say having children should be our purpose in life. But is it really? I am looking every day at the parents with children, not just women. And I am more and more terrified every time I see them in the restaurants, in the supermarkets, on the street, at the train station, everywhere, giving them the phones or tableta to make them shut up. And now all the parents will say “You will only understand when you will have your own”. Oh, I definitely will, but not the way you are expecting me to. I will understand even more than now how hard it will be to […]

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What motivates you?

People speak about it constantly. You will probably be asked about it in a form or another at every job interview…

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How I ended up at STARTUP2020 and why should you go as well

In this article I am telling you a few things about the event I attended on Saturday. Young entrepreneurs, small businesses, business advisers and start-ups that have succeeded, over 140 speakers, 14 zones, 85 seminars, business plans, digital marketing, branding and a lot more which you are about to find out if you keep reading.

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Road works, traffic lights, late buses and train strikes

Luckily, the train was late as well. The past month has been dreadful in terms of getting to work. Finally the December train strike is over and all the trains got back to normal. And by normal I mean late 25% of the times. It is true that it’s really easy to travel across London. The infrustructure of Public Transport is well thought and makes a lot of sense. You can get pretty much anywhere you want with a mixture of buses, tubes and trains, depending on the destination. It is far better than any Public Transport I have experienced before. But of course, every good thing has a not so good side as well. I spoke just now with an Uber driver. I had to take Uber to the train station, because the 9:20 […]

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Time for a change

Today is a very special day for me. A very good and a very bad day. But I am choosing not to talk about the bad, because I want to keep a good vibe in this book, even if 2 chapters closed at the same time. I was planning to film a vlog but I don’t know if I could have stopped my tears. I was counting down to this day, the 26th of October, being happy about what is going to happen, and I am gonna keep it this way. It’s weird, while I am writing this I am smiling, and then I am crying all of a sudden. There is a paradox in my heart right now. But I am gonna tell why I am happy today. Because as many times I said, […]

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A home in London – 10 steps of renting a property

There comes a time in everyone’s life when we want to be independent, have our own money, our own place and our own life. We’ve had enough of asking for pocket money from our parents or waiting for them to offer it in exchange of us washing the dishes or doing the laundry.

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Cum îți faci un cont în bancă în UK?

Una dintre condițiile pe care trebuie să le îndeplinești dacă vrei să lucrezi și să fii plătit legal în Marea Britanie este să ai un cont curent pe numele tău. Pentru asta, ai nevoie de o dovadă de identitate și o dovadă de adresă. Nimic mai simplu, așa-i? […]

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Cum obții cel mai uşor o dovadă de adresă în UK?

În urmă cu câteva luni am postat un video în care vorbesc despre schimbarea permisului de conducere din permis de România în permis de UK şi m-am gândit că ar fi bine să pun informația asta şi pe blog. Trebuie să ştii că dacă te hotărăşti să te muți şi să lucrezi în UK, vei avea nevoie de un cont în bancă pe numele tău pentru a putea fi plătit, despre care am scris mai multe aici. Dar ca să îți faci cont în bancă ai nevoie de o dovadă de adresă, adică de o factură sau un contract pe numele tău care să ateste faptul că locuieşti la adresa respectivă. Cel mai simplu mod de a obține o dovadă de adresă este să îți schimbi permisul de conducere din permis de România în permis […]

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