Welcome to my virtual home!

I started writing here in July 2019. I was writing before as well, but I never took it too serious. It was quite hard to decide what I wanted to write about, because I kinda have an opinion about everything. 😁 So I decided to treat the Blog as my home.

In the Living room you will find articles about whatever I would normally talk to my friends over a drink, sitting comfortably on the sofa.

The Kitchen is where we cook, which means that’s where you’ll find the recipes I manage to remember after I finish eating. I also read from time to time, and sometimes I write articles about the books I read, that you can find in the Books Corner.

Another bit of a challenge was when deciding if I want to write in Romanian or English. It was actually a barrier for a while, but I guess it depends on the subject and my mood. Luckily I found this lovely plugin, and at least now they are not mixed anymore. You can choose the language in which you prefer to read.

I am currently debating with myself whether I should translate all my articles, but not sure if I am ready to undertake this challenge. 🙈

Thanks for being here. I hope you’ll enjoy surfing around my vitual home. And you’ll come back soon.


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