Having children these days is quite scary

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Being a mother is something that probably most women wish for. Many would say having children should be our purpose in life.

But is it really?

I am looking every day at the parents with children, not just women. And I am more and more terrified every time I see them in the restaurants, in the supermarkets, on the street, at the train station, everywhere, giving them the phones or tableta to make them shut up.

And now all the parents will say “You will only understand when you will have your own”.

Oh, I definitely will, but not the way you are expecting me to. I will understand even more than now how hard it will be to limit this access to technology in a way that is going to be healthy for my child.

Technology overall, with all its phones, tablets, laptops and so on, is truly amazing. In fact, thanks to it I am able now to type this article and see the letters appearing straight away on the screen. Thanks to it I can listen to books when the train is too crowded. I can monitor my steps, my calorie intake.

Thanks to technology I can watch movies on my wall, through a pocket-sized thing called projector. I can go anywhere I want, by just typing in a postcode. Technology helps me apply for jobs easier. It helps me sharing with you these articles I am writing.

It is absolutely fascinating in how many ways technology can be helpful.

But I am pretty sure we shouldn’t use it as a babysitter. Putting a screen in front of my 3-year-old child so I can keep him quiet is one of the worst things I could do.

I totally understand that being a parent is the hardest job on the planet. However, I cannot understand why we should use our need for a break as an excuse to create an early addiction for our children.

I agree as well that is hard to keep a child focused on a plate with food. But eventually, after working on it for a few days, weeks, months, it will work without the phone. Without the tablet. As long as you eat WITH your child.

What I think is that they need attention. Putting a phone in front of them at the restaurant, in the car, at the supermarket or even when you are cleaning the house, is just like they would disturb you from what you are doing. Getting them involved will make it more fun.

I am not a parent, I haven’t experienced this need of escaping from my children, but I know I will do my best not to.

Having a child should be more than just a combination of a hot sex, 9 months of pregnancy and a painful birth.

We should prepare for it like we prepare for the hardest exam of our lives. Because this is what it is.

I am scared because I don’t know how am I going to be able to keep my children away from technology, until the age they will understand what is that exactly, what is it used for and which are the advantages and the disadvantages of it.

It’s a big challenge, because even if we don’t want to admit it, addiction to screens is very dangerous. It is for us, adults, that are aware of what it can do and how trapped we are. But think about the kids. They won’t even understand what is going on. They will believe it is right to just stare at a screen for hours, and will get angry and frustrated when we will force them to stop this activity.

You are the parent, you know better, they need to give you the phones / tablets, otherwise they’ll get in trouble. But let me ask this…who put that device in their hands in the first place?

Kids copy their parents behaviour in most of cases. This is why I am working on myself. To make sure I will be the best I can be for that little human.

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