Road works, traffic lights, late buses and train strikes

Luckily, the train was late as well.

The past month has been dreadful in terms of getting to work. Finally the December train strike is over and all the trains got back to normal. And by normal I mean late 25% of the times.

It is true that it’s really easy to travel across London. The infrustructure of Public Transport is well thought and makes a lot of sense. You can get pretty much anywhere you want with a mixture of buses, tubes and trains, depending on the destination. It is far better than any Public Transport I have experienced before.

But of course, every good thing has a not so good side as well.

I spoke just now with an Uber driver. I had to take Uber to the train station, because the 9:20 bus just didn’t to come. When I realised it’s getting too late and I also have a train to catch at 9:35, I called Uber so I can at least try make it to the train station on time.

The driver had to go round quite a lot, just to avoid the multitude of road works and traffic lights on the High Street, which have been making everyone’s life a nightmare for the past few months. He told me he had a client from the Council not long before me and apparently all these road works around the busiest time of the year are just made to use the remaining budget, so they can have at least the same budget allocated for the next year. Now my question is…when a budget is allocated to any project, don’t you plan the whole year ahead? Do you wait until the last trimester of the year to use the left overs for something random?

I finally got to the train station, later than the train was scheduled, but guess what? Lucky me! The train was late as well 💪

Good Morning ❤

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