Oats cake with banana and apples

A dessert recipe excellent for kids, or just adults who want to eat healthy.

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#zerosugarchallenge -follow up

I said I am gonna come back with a follow up after the #zerosugarchallenge ended and here I am 🙈…

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My cousin Alina texted me on a Saturday, saying that she thought about a challenge we could take together. When I asked her what it was about she said “x days without sugar”. Oh, man… at first I laughed, really.

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Detectorul de fum de vinete

Nu aveam niciun plan să scriu postarea asta, dar când am văzut ce minunății mi-au ieşit am zis că trebuie să îți spun toată povestea cu vinetele, a cărei “o dată ca niciodată” a fost anul trecut prin toamnă.

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