First 3 months of 2020 are gone

We usually review the year only when it ends, but I thought it would be good to stop now, after 3 months have passed, and have a look back. Sort of a reality check.

I said in a previous article that I started this year making lists. Why they don’t really help us unless we stick to them, which in my case is quite a challenge, they do help to set a guideline.

There’s probably around 50 lists I made already, apart from the daily To Do’s – things I am planning to do medium and long term, books to read, articles to write, routines to approach, podcasts to listen to and this is already becoming the 51st list.

As you might expect, I also forgot about their existance until I took out some of the notebooks I scribbled in the past 3 months.

However, even if I didn’t even remember what I wrote on them and I obviously didn’t stick to exactly what I wrote for the same reason, they did help and I can proudly say that I am noticing so many changes, which I wanted to share with you, as a proof that this is actually possible.

How did the first 3 months of this year go?
  • From someone who read 1 book and listened to another in 2019, in 2020 I read 6 books and I listened to another 6.
  • The girl who used to fall asleep with her phone in her hand, while non-sense scrolling, now is living the phone in the other room.
  • “I am not a morning person” became an early bird. My alarm is set for 7AM in the morning, but I usually wake up before it has the chance to ring. No more snoozing, baby!
  • Going to sleep at God knows what time after endless scrolling and binging, became a long gone memory. Now 11 PM is the latest I go to sleep, and that is actually quite late.
  • I made a habit of not eating anything at least 2 hours before going to sleep, but now since all this life changes we are all going through, those 2 hours became 3 or even 4. It helps me sleep better.
  • After changing my job end of October last year, I used to take the bus to the train station every single day. In 2020 this changed, and I started walking for 25 minutes every day, while listening to either a podcast or an audio book.
  • From someone who was going to the shop for milk and getting back home with a bag full of crisps, ice-cream, chocolate and other junk, I now completely removed sugar, wheat flour and oils from my diet. Which is basically everything I was consuming before.
  • Excercise? What is that? Well, something I was doing maximum once a month before and now is happening at least 3 times a week.

Of course there’s not only good things, I am still a human 😀

Among those lists I kept making, there were also stuff like:

  • Write 500 words every day
  • Post on the blog at least 4 times a week (with a few ideas of what I should write about)
  • Post on YouTube at least a video a week (with a whole 5 months plan of dream videos)
  • Don’t spend more than 2 hours on Social Media – only go there if you actually have a purpose

And so on…

Not to mention that a the books I read so far should have been read in way less time. But you would understand why this didn’t happen if you would check the Digital Wellbeing function on my phone.

The only thing I regret though, is that all these changes didn’t happen earlier. I feel I am getting old and I wasted a lot of time on non-sense, which totally changed my perception of what YOLO! means.

A small recommendation in the end: download The Power of Habit and have a listen. Audible offers a 30-day trial and a free book, so this is a very nice one to start. Or, if you want something with more of a personal touch, you can try Atomic Habits. They are both books I really enjoyed.

Now, what about you? How the first 3 months of your 2020 have been?

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