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Digital Control by Cristina Chipurici via

Actualizator: Digital Control – Illustration by Mircea Dragoi

In the end of December I receive a newsletter from Cristina, where she mentioned this series of articles, she is going to send via, as a part of the Actualizator project. The series, called Digital Control, was about giving away tools to help us “build a healthier relationship with the way we are using e-mails, social platforms, chats etc.”

When I read about it on New Year’s Eve, I already couldn’t wait for the first episode. I knew it was going to be a massive help, considering my addiction to my phone. My boyfriend used to call it “your second boyfriend”. I had a serious problem and I am still struggling with it. And I know the majority of us do, as our screens are the easiest and most comfortable way of filling in some of our needs.

Cristina sent out a handful of tips and tricks, wrapped up with her own stories related to the subject, as well as some recommendations of books and articles to read for a better understanding of why we are so dependent on our devices and how can we change this.

How can we control the way we use technology on a daily basis? Quite a hard one, right?

With every week’s article I was happier, because I was learning ways of living without my phone glued to my hand, from someone whose stories I was relating to big time. I learned it is possible to only charge my phone once in 24 hours and not be dependant of the phone charger.

I started applying different tips and tools Cristina was writing about, in order to put technology away as much as I could, and create new habits on spending my time differently.

I also wrote an article myself on the subject, to make sure my fight with my own addiction is logged on the blog, reminding me to get back on track if I am thinking to quit, and maybe also help other people.

I will have to admit, it is not easy at all, and I am still working on it. Probably it will take me a few good months to be able to learn how this will best work for me and manage to stop this addiction for good.

Cristina’s articles continue to be a real help, and every time I am finding myself constantly checking notifications, or refreshing the e-mail pages, I am referring to what she wrote and I am trying to control my compulsive digital habits as much as I can.

When she sent out the 5th episode, I replied to her asking if it would be alright to translate all of them, so I can share them with you.

 I know how serious this matter of addiction to digital is to so many of us, and I really hope these articles Cristina wrote will help you as much as they helped me.

My only contribution to the articles will be the translation into English. I will post them based on the same system, one a week for 6 weeks, starting this Sunday. I will use the illustrations created by the talented Mircea Dragoi, which has managed to put into some images all the series. I discovered his work through this newsletter and I was impressed of his art.

I am sooo looking forward to it! <3


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