I am very good at so many things, but I was never exactly good when talking about myself. Which is why I asked some of the people I worked with to let me know how they’re feeling about me, professionally speaking. I asked them to give me a few words, and I was so pleasantly surprised to read all these kind words.

Being highly analytical, an excellent planner and a great team worker, Adelina has proven herself to be a real asset to my HR team, managing to lead multiple initiavives and deliver the sought after results. She is a professional communicator, has good leadership skills and is always looking to improve herself, being ready to adapt to and cope with any distressing situation. In our collaboration, her most appreciated quality ended up being being a people’s person with great attention to detail, as all her work has been dominated by the desire to meet others’ needs and deliver qualitative content.


A very energetic person, which approaches any project with professionalism, no matter its difficulty. Beyond this, she also has a great ability of adapting to new things and learn new skills in a very short time. Skills that she will manage well enough to deliver the project in a very professional way. I had the opportunity to work with Adelina as a coordinator as well as a fellow colleague. I can say that in both situations she impressed me with the natural way of delivering a project, no matter if it was something she was prepared for or there have been unforseen circumstances which required new skills.


I have always been seeking to collaborate with open and optimistic people, with a pro-active attitude that inspires you. Adelina is certainly one of them. We have been collaborating for a year now and I was very surprised in the beginning, when she joined us to support our projects with so much devotement. But now I know that she is a person that you can rely on in every any moment. And this is because she always wants to be better, and this keeps her always active and involved in every project. She is always ready for new things, assimilating everything really quick and adapting to the particularity of every situation. We need this kind of people around us for the world to be better.

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